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NETWORK. Business, Professional, Creatives and New Idea Networking in the Atrium at Harris Place with Refreshments & hors d’oeuvres.

LEARNFREE EXPERT / PROFESSIONAL MINI CONSULTATIONS – Organization / Business Model Design – Legal – Marketing – Organizational Development – Information Technology – Insurance – Non Profit Management

TOUR the Harris Building through the Open House and tours of open spaces and existing unique creative enterprises.

EXPERIENCE the artwork in the Atrium’s five contemporary exhibition spaces.

DISCOVER and Learn about the New London Festival of Creativity & Innovation (FCI), June 8-11, 2017 and its three key events, the Storefront Temporary Public Art Project; The Jazz & Brews Fest and the Festival Exhibit Showcase on the Parade Plaza.

CONNECT is sponsored by the creative enterprises and professionals of Harris Place and organized by MS17 Art Project, Firebrand Designs, Ajar Communications, Spark Makerspace  and CURE Creative Commons in partnership with Harris Place Partners.


Migdalia Salas – or
Hannah Gant –

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    CONNECT offers a Harris Building Open House & 20 minute tours of open spaces and existing creative enterprises.